More homeless housing in Hawthorne worries neighbors

Hidden City reports that a proposal for more transitional housing on the 1200 block of Bainbridge Street would double the number of homeless men living temporarily on that block, and neighbors are understandably a bit wary.

1221 Bainbridge. Photo by Nathaniel Popkin of Hidden City
1221 Bainbridge. Photo by Nathaniel Popkin of Hidden City

The respected organization Ready, Willing and Able has operated transitional housing, job training and support services for 75 men at 1211 Bainbridge St. for 12 years. Because they needed more space for programming, they decided to move to a bigger facility at 1221 Bainbridge, retaining the same number of beds.

But building owner Sean McDougal of Bainbridge Properties presented plans last month to the neighborhood’s registered community organization, the Hawthorne Empowerment Coalition, to lease 1211 to the city for another 75 beds operated by the nonprofit Resources for Human Development. Says Hidden City:

HEC President Patricia Bullard then took a vote of the 100 or so attendees. Three voted in favor, while the rest emphatically voted against. The nays had it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the project is dead. The plan was for it to open in 2015, so who knows what could happen in the meantime.

There has been a huge amount of development in that little corner in the last couple years, so you have to wonder if this is the best location to double down for homeless housing. But then there’s always this issue: housing for the homeless has to go somewhere.

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  • June 14, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Prisons, factories and homeless shelters should all be built in hi-income neighborhoods so they can experience what poor & working class people have been for decades.

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