Decrepit 13th Street building finally to be remodeled

The Passyunk Square Civic Association’s zoning committee approved a proposal last week to turn the crumbling old garage at 1128 S. 13th St. into four apartments and a ground-floor professional office.

From Google Streetview in 2009, but it looks basically the same today
From Google Streetview in 2009, but it looks basically the same today

The owner, Michael Murray, plans to add a third story and a roof deck with a pilot house, plus four parking spots in the garage using the existing curb cut. Multi-family residencies, as well as business and professional uses for tenant buildings, are prohibited in this zoning district. That’s why Murray and Vincent Mancini, owner of the project’s architectural firm, Landmark Architectural Design, were compelled to come before the committee.

The vote was unanimous, six votes of nonopposition (aka “support” in civic association speak). Mancini praised his design as something neighbors would be happy with, and the proposal is certainly a lot better that what is there now.

Rendeing provided by Landmark
Rendering provided by Landmark

The civic’s zoning chairman, John DiGiulio, said that the committee required a few minor provisos. “They have to provide information about garage ventilation, which we’d like to see before their [city Zoning Board of Adjustment] hearing date as well as provide proper paperwork for their AC units on the roof, as to not create noise to the surrounding area.”

“It seems to have come along with as good a product as possible and [Landmark has] been receptive to the comments we’ve made in the past,” DiGiulio said.

In relation to what this means to the neighborhood, DiGiulio seemed optimistic.

“The consensus with the community is that they would view it as favorable and that it would certainly be an upgrade to the street,” he said.

You may remember Landmark’s name as the architect behind a much bigger project, the 50-apartment development that is proposed to replace the Broad Street Armory.

– Maxwell Reil

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  • June 18, 2013 at 11:12 am

    Ahhh, landmark, our favorite south philly architect firm. didn’t they bring us that Philly Pretzel place at Broad and McKean…what a “gem”.

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