Take a look at Serpico, Stephen Starr’s southern-most outpost

Serpico, the buzzy offering from Stephen Starr and celebrated chef Peter Serpico, is opening tomorrow at 604 South St., which used to be a Foot Locker. A bit of a step up, huh? Get it?

Pic comes from Zagat
Pic comes from Zagat

Serpico, the chef, comes from New York’s famous Momofuku restaurant group, so the food blogosphere has been salivating for months. Of course, it seems Serpico imported a New York price tag, (Foobooz said you shouldn’t be surprised about dropping $100 a head), so we can’t imagine this will become one of our regular haunts.

Still, the pictures floating around certainly seem intriguing. The foie gras dish, for instance, is mostly a powder.

Check out a nice slideshow of the food here and several pictures of the interior from The Insider here. And make reservations here.

This is definitely a shot in the arm for South Street, whose eastern end has been questionable in recent years. Here’s hoping the improvements to the area (like Lil Pop shop and other recent arrivals) continues. And maybe it will prompt Starr to look even further south. Say what you want about his restaurants, but they certainly draw a crowd.