Noord gets a rare “four tips of the toque” from SPR

Noord 013

Phyllis Stein Novack of the South Philly Review is pretty picky in her frank, grandmotherly reviews, so this was some good news for Noord:

Our experience at Noord was about as perfect as you can get. Each dish was seasoned properly, and the service was excellent as well (His waitress left Chicago to work with him in Philly).

She promptly gave him an “extraordinary” four tips of the toque, and we can remember the last time that happened.

A few highlights:

One the shellfish waterzooi, “Lachman’s sauce was exquisitely prepared. A big, white bowl was brimming with mussels, clams, shrimp, prawns and tossed with sliced carrots, tiny potatoes, leeks, onions and whole baby purple and yellow carrots.” She thought there were too many carrots, “but no mind.”

Regarding Konijn in het Zuur, or the Dutch version of French duck confit but with rabbit instead. “Rabbit is a lean meat but Lachman had a way of keeping it moist, fresh and not a bit overcooked.”

And the desserts “truly topped off our dinner at Noord.”

Read the full review here.