Taking SEPTA will cost more starting next week

SEPTA logoStock up on tokens now, because starting on Monday, the price of them is going to go from $1.55 to $1.80.

A tip of the hat to Plan Philly for the reminder, but as we told you back in March, SETPA plans to raise fares twice in the next two years. The cash fare will also go up next week, from $2 to $2.25.

This fare hike is coming in tandem with SEPTA‘s move to its new  electronic-payment system, which is scheduled to roll out sometime next summer. At that point, the cash fare will go up to $2.50 but the single-ride fare will remain $1.80 if you use any of the so-called smart methods of payment.

Those methods are not finalized but could include linking a credit card to a reusable SEPTA card, paying with credit cards with smart chips or even paying by flashing your cell phone. Once the boringly named New-Payment Technology begins, tokens and paper transfers will be phased out.

Plan Philly has a good breakdown of the changes if you want to know what they mean for Regional Rail and Transpasses, which you can check out here.