Aci Nae boutique is closing its Passyunk storefront. Go get some deals

The Aci Nae women’s clothing boutique at 1928 E Passyunk Ave. is closing after five and a half years. But don’t weep for this business owner.

“It’s a good thing, not a bad thing,” said owner Janae Didonato. “If we want to grow, to expand, the way to do it right now is on the Internet.”

Buh-bye, Aci Nae. Have fun online
Buh-bye, Aci Nae. Have fun online

Didonato said she is moving all her operations online to, a landing-page placeholder. She says the full website will be ready by September, which coincides with the timeline for production for her own clothing line (maybe she should rethink the outfit on that model online, though – yeesh). Go to their Facebook page for updates.

Last day is July 15, so head over there beforehand to get big discounts on their inventory.

“As we gear up for our online boutique, we will be selling all of our current inventory,” says a flier posted on the door. “Everything in Aci Nae boutique will be on sale. 50% off dresses. Tops, jeans, bags and more for $15, $20 and $30. All sales are final.”

The closure sets things up for a new business, obviously, but this building is owned by the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation. Last we checked in with PARC director Sam Sherman, he had a waiting list.

He’s keeping tight-lipped about what’s coming in, but we’ll get it out of him sooner or later. Maybe thumb screws will get him to talk…