Global Crepes and Local Shakes, back on track for 9th Street, is about a month off

We were starting to get nervous that the crepe shop planned for 1309 S. 9th Street, was dead after there was no movement there for months.

But worry not. After a few frustrating delays, Global Crepes and Local Shakes is back on track and is hoping to open now in mid July, says owner Liza Iezzi.

From December. Doesn’t look appreciably different at this point

We told you back in December that Iezzi had a crepe stand at the Christmas Village in Love Park and that so many customers urged her to open a full-time shop that she finally took their advice. Here’s a sampling of what she’ll have on offer:

“Sweet and savory crepes, waffles, a veggie salad of the day with my special dressing, bagels, wraps (like chicken Tikka), healthful smoothies (breakfast protein, fruit and green), a few yogurt lassi(s) (like cardamom and rose), a few ice cream flavors (vanilla and 2 changing flavors like rose, banana or green tea), and coffee (including cafe Vietnam, Mexican coffee with cinnamon, Nutella coffee, Greek coffee Frappes, and healthful teas,” Iezzi said in an email.

But the highlight will be the crepes:

“The crepes will be filled with the favorites like Nutella, and also ‘global’ flavors — a few sweet ones are: Natxo Vitoria — dark chocolate, orange zest, saffron (named after a Basque housemate that I used to cook with), Paris — creme fraiche, berries, dark chocolate, crème fraîche, a Berber crepe, and a few savory: Abruzzo — sheep’s cheese, tomato, olive, herbs, Indian — saag paneer (fresh Indian cheese) with seasoned, cooked spinach, and my “Philly Special” concoction which is a customer favorite — bacon, cream cheese, caramelized onions.”

Mmm. Exotic.

Meanwhile, her zoning request was approved last August by Passyunk Square Civic’s zoning committee, so it will basically be more than a year from inception to opening. Man! These things sure take a long time.

Check her out online here.


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