Is a beer distributor coming back to West Passyunk?

A liquor license has popped up in the window of the old beer distributor at 1616 W. Passyunk Ave., which closed at least a year ago. And it looks like another beer distributor will take its place.

1616 W Passyunk beer (1)

The name on the application says Tran’s Beer Distributor, which wouldn’t necessarily be what the business will be called.

The app also says it’s a new owner transferring an existing license, which suggests it’s not just the owner of the old distributor trying to reopen. They were nice people, though – used to give you a free lighter with every case. Even if you don’t smoke, it’s still nice to get free stuff.

1616 W Passyunk beer (2)

We reached out to the lawyer listed on the app for some more information and will update if we hear anything.

This is great news, by the way. The closure of the old place really left a hole in the beer-by-the case market in this section of town. It’s good to have options, no?


One thought on “Is a beer distributor coming back to West Passyunk?

  • July 17, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Wondering if there are any updates on this? I will try to swing by myself and see what’s up.

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