Do you want free FedNuts fried chicken for life?

Sure you do. Channeling their inner Willy Wonka, the folks at Federal Donuts are holding a contest on Saturday, July 6, aka National Fried Chicken Day.


The donut/chicken slingers will be giving away 10 tickets mixed in with chicken orders at the Pennsport location at 1219 S. 2nd St. and their Center City location on Sansom Street near 16th.

Scoring a ticket mean could mean any one of a variety of prizes, including T-shirts and free coffee beans. But one magical ticket will grant free fried chicken for life.

That’s one order a week, a perfectly reasonable amount of fried chicken, right? Chicken is available starting at 11 a.m. every day, and sometimes it doesn’t sell out right away. Hopefully, they’ll be prepared on Saturday for people who want to eat chicken for, say, dinner.