Spotted: “Street Lagoon” flows over Christian Street in Queen Village

You might notice something quite different on the 300 block of Christian Street, where large blue circles appeared recently on the sidewalks and street. So, what is this thing?

Pic comes from the QVNA website
Pic comes from the QVNA website

According to the Queen Villiage Neighbors Association, in early June environmental artist and sculptor, Stacy Levy, created the work to demonstrate the ways in which water travels under the street and into rivers.  The large blue dots of multiple sizes were created using a thermoplastic material that was heated and applied to the street and sidewalk, creating a “water-esque” design. Community members also joined to help create this unique piece of art. According to QVNA’s blog post:

“The project, a collaboration between the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) and Mural Arts hosted this community art making day as part of the PWD’s “Soak It Up, Philly! design competition. Queen Village was the first of three Philadelphia neighborhoods in which Levy created one of her temporary art projects. The display is expected to last up to two years and will be a continuing reminder of the importance of water and where it flows.”

Soak It Up, Philly! is a design competition that challenges designers and engineers to show how improving stormwater infrastructure can transform Philadelphia.  It is an 18-month partnership between the Community Design Collaborative, the Water Department, and the EPA, so you’ll keep seeing interesting projects pop up around town for some time.

– Marcella Ilisco