Laff House closes after 17 years on South Street

The Laff House, which NBC 10 referred to as “Philly’s only urban comedy club,” closed after its last comedy showcase on July 3.

Laff House

But the comedians who did stand-up at the club, at 221 South St., are mounting an effort to raise money to open in another location, says NBC 10:

Ruffin, along with several other local comedians including TuRae Gordon and Lawrence Killebrew have since launched the Save The Laff House campaign, a fundraising effort to provide a new venue for urban comedians in Philadelphia. Ruffin says the plan is not necessarily to reopen at the club’s current location on South Street, but to raise enough money to lease a temporary venue until a new, permanent space can be built or purchased.

Channel 10 said that the owner’s ability to manage the club waned after he lost his wife to ovarian cancer last year. It’s actually a heart-wrenching story, which you can read here.


2 thoughts on “Laff House closes after 17 years on South Street

  • July 11, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    If they are honestly looking to relocate – I think the seasonally empty storefront in the River View complex (attached to Engine 46 and next to Warm Daddy’s) would be a perfect spot. It’s large and only houses a costume shop around Halloween – otherwise, it sits all year.

    Hell, save the Engine 46 building and you could have a comedy club with a restaurant. win-win

    Plus there is free and easily accessible parking right there.

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