Ori Watch: 2nd opponent comes forward about threatening letter

OCF Realty
Credit: OCFcoffeehouse.com

Man, Ori Feibush is on a roll.

A day after the Daily News reported that the developer and Point Breeze flashpoint threatened to sue an Annin Street resident over her online criticism, the paper turned up another recipient of Feibush’s legal ire.

About a week before he planned to testify at a zoning board hearing on Feibush’s Fairmount OCF Coffee House, Christopher Leary’s lawyer received a letter from Feibush’s lawyer. Leary had appealed the awarding of a permit to prepare food at the site. According to the paper:

“In light of your client’s persistence in attempting to recklessly interfere with my client’s business, I suggest that you advise your client to withdraw this baseless appeal,” the letter reads. “I respectfully advise you to put your carrier on notice, as I will advise my client to sue you personally, as well as your client.

Granted, this case is different from the Point Breeze woman’s. She was vocalizing her opposition online and got threatened with a libel suit that would go absolutely nowhere in the courts. Leary had filed an appeal based on a patently ridiculous objection. He opposed allowing a cafe to prepare food in a location that previously was a coffee shop because he didn’t think zoning allowed it.

But you can’t go around threatening to sue everybody. It just looks bad.

It’s apparently also bad for business. After learning of the first letter we told you about, South Philly Homes Inc and the Point Breeze Development Corporation withdrew their support for Feibush’s proposed four-home development on Annin Street, which went before the Zoning Board of Adjustments yesterday.

In Philly, for better or worse, you gotta make nice if you wanna make buildings.

Maybe Feibush just likes being in the news. Remember “Lotgate?” And just for fun, take a look at this roundup compiled by Curbed Philly of all the comments between Feibush and Annin Street opponent Haley Dervinis. Then you can decide for yourself if he was over the top.