Engine 46 to be demolished “on or after July 30”

A notice of demolition was posted on the old Engine 46 firehouse saying that it would be torn down on or after July 30, reports Pennsporter.

Pic from Pennsporter
Pic from Pennsporter

The historic – but not designated “historic” – building at Reed and Water streets has been under fire since the beginning of the year. One permit filed was in January “for the partial demolition of an existing building” and another in February that said “demolition of existing building as part of secondary building.”

This new notice, obviously, is the most definitive sign yet that owner New York-based owner Cedar Realty Trust plans to 86 the old Engine 46 once and for all. Still, the real-estate company has maintained silence to every media outlet that has inquired about the property.

engine 46

Efforts by Pennsport Civic president James Moylan and Councilman Mark Squilla for more information also have gotten nowhere. As Pennsporter said:

Dr. James Moylan, President of the Pennsport Civic Association has been doing just that recently. Multiple attempts to contact the owners of the building have gone unanswered from both Dr. Moylan and the media alike. As Dr. Moylan puts it, “You’ve got to try and do something, anything.” …

In the meantime, I urge you to stay close to this story as it unfolds, get involved any way you can, and keep your fingers crossed that Engine 46 does not suffer the same fate as Saint John’s the Evangelist.

It’s not looking good.

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  • July 12, 2013 at 10:47 am

    Philly has a terrible record of not preserving historic buildings. What will happen when this is demolished? A vacant lot? A parking lot? New character-less buildings? So sad.

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