Some hope emerges for Engine 46 firehouse in Pennsport

The endangered Engine 46 firehouse at Reed and Water streets in Pennsport will be spared the wrecking ball – at least for now.

engine 46 (2)

The Daily News reported this weekend that the building’s owner, Cedar-Riverview LP, which also owns the rest of the Riverview complex, has agreed to postpone any action on the demolition until after the company has met with neighbors, Councilman Mark Squilla and Pennsport Civic Association president James Moylan.

According to the paper:

“Are we going to change their plans? I don’t know,” Squilla said. “But at least we can get a dialogue going.”

Squilla said [company CEO Bruce] Schanzer told him that Cedar-Riverview intends to demolish the firehouse and an adjoining property that years ago housed an arcade. The company secured the demolition permit in January after a deal with a potential new tenant fell through, he said. It’s unclear if Cedar-Riverview wants to build a new property at the site, or simply sell or lease the vacant parcel.

So, they had a deal lined up? That means another could come along, dummies.

Meanwhile, we can’t help but give ourselves a little pat on the back for our small role in the effort to save the firehouse. After all, we were the first to report about the demolition notice back in March, and have been pestering Cedar-Riverview ever since. Before you knew it, a flood of other media outlets picked up the story and a mini movement was born.

The magnificent 119-year-old structure isn’t quite out of the woods yet, but at least they’re talking.