New business at 642 Washington Ave. will be electronics store

A zoning notice popped up on a Washington Avenue block that could use some cool stuff, but it turns out that nothing new is coming in after all.

Tran's business will now move next door
Tran’s Cellular will now move next door

Dan Tran, new owner of the property at 642 Washington Ave., proposed moving his electronics store onto the first floor there – from next door. He also asked to put two apartments on the second and third floors.

The interesting part is that the Passyunk Square Civic Association zoning committee voted in favor of half the proposal – moving the store – but shot down the plan for the rest of the building. Generally, when a committee votes something down, the owner has to come back with a completely new proposal before even the favorable part moves forward.

Tran had previously come before the committee, whose members reminded Tran that the last time he made his proposal, all members wanted only two uses in the building (a business on the first floor and one single-family rental for the next two floors.) Tran said he had misunderstood the committee’s wishes and countered that he was eager to move his business into his newly purchased building.

The committee decided to vote unanimously in favor of Tran to move his business into the first floor, then unanimously voted against his second and third floor proposals, allowing the new owner to get started on what he wanted most of all: the new spot for his shop.

Tran said he would be back with a single-family proposal for the second and third floors.

– Maxwell Reil