Proposal for King of Jeans building’s replacement is dead. But…

The proposal to tear down the King of Jeans building and replace it with a five-story structure is officially dead, according to a source close to the project.

So far as we know, this project is still a go.
This could have been nice.

But the source says that another buyer has been lined up, which means that another proposal should be forthcoming in the next couple of months.

The most recent iteration of the plan was to build up to 55 feet with retail on the first floor, office space on the second and nine apartments on the three remaining floors, plus a roof deck. Developer Max Glass presented two proposals to the East Passyunk Crossing Civic’s zoning committee last fall. A third presentation with another revision was canceled. We tried contacting Glass to find out what happened but he hasn’t gotten back to us.

Though his plan didn’t come through, we gotta hand it to Glass for at least engaging the community on one hot topic – what to do with the sign. He reached out to us for help with ideas on what to do with it and we did a survey back in December.

king of jeans

The majority of respondents believed it should be preserved in some way – others made hysterical pronouncements of their hatred for it. The best ideas were to install it on the north side of a new, taller building, work it into a mural elsewhere in the neighborhood, or the most popular response, open a bar called King of Jeans and stick the sign in or on that.

Hopefully, the new guy knows what a big deal people make out of the sign. We’ll keep you posted.

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  • July 27, 2013 at 10:44 am

    Yeah, if that sign goes to a bar, the bar and sign should
    be called King of Jeans gets a BJ from South Philly Slut.

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