Annin Street project that prompted warning letter is rejected by ZBA

The four-home development at 20th and Annin streets that was at the center of the latest Ori Feibush dust-up was rejected yesterday by the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.

The lot in question, pic from Naked Philly
The lot in question, pic from Naked Philly

You may recall that a couple weeks back we alerted you to an ominous letter that Feibush’s attorney sent to an Annin Street neighbor who was a vocal opponent of the development. The letter, which threatened the neighbor with a lawsuit for alleged false claims she made, was received the day before the ZBA hearing on the matter.

The neighbor – and many others – testified against the project anyway and yesterday, the ZBA finally came to their decision – a rejection for a requested change of the lot lines to allow four houses instead of three.

Feibush says he plans to rework his proposal to now include only three houses, according to Naked Philly, which he owns. Meanwhile, the houses will be massive – two that are 17 feet wide and one that is 23 feet wide (standard South Philly rows are generally about 14 to 16 feet wide). And there will be a fenced garden on the corner that’s not open to the public.

So after all that, the neighbors won the battle, but for what? They were concerned in part that four new houses will drive up their property values and consequently their taxes. What do they think three big houses will do?