Teri’s bar on 9th will stay in the family, be open all day

Back in March, we told you that Teri’s bar in the Italian Market had been put up for sale for $600,000.

We recently noticed some changes at the bar – new gray paint on the front, outside seating including banquettes sometimes, no Teri’s sign – and thought that maybe it had been sold.

Teri's bar Philadelphia (2)

Nope. The bar, at 1126 S. 9th St, will instead stay in the family. And now they’re open from noon to 2 a.m. every day, with some killer drink specials. But no more food – not even tater tots.

The business was started by Frederick Eller, who passed away suddenly in December. Teri’s, went to his daughter Kathy.

She decided to put the hangout spot on the market but what she heard back didn’t match what she believed the bar to be worth. So, instead of selling, Kathy Eller and her daughter Jackie Mangini, the daytime manager, decided to give the bar a face lift.

“When my grandfather owned this place,” Mangini said, “it was more of a hangout spot for him and a place he could come and relax. With my mother and I now in control, we can take a more business look at the place and run it accordingly.”

That explains the liquor license transfer app that’s been in the window. As for the Teri’s sign, Mangini said a new one is coming soon.

They also have been bringing in live music on a regular basis, though it’s tough to find out who’s coming and when, since it doesn’t seem they do much with their Facebook page or Twitter account. And the website they had is now dead.

One thing you can rely on is the drink specials. The place is cheap. Dirt cheap.

Teri's bar Philadelphia

That means $1 beers for five hours, five days a week. And it’s not like the regular prices will break the bank:

Teri's bar Philadelphia (3)


– Maxwell Reil