Before it was Antiquarian’s Delight, it was the city’s first Hasidic synagogue

We broke the news earlier this month that the Antiquarian’s Delight, the synagogue turned antique market at 615 S. 6th St., was closing for good after nearly 30 years.

antiquarian's delight

But the Philadelphia Real Estate Blog chimed in soon after with a nice little history of the building, which they say was the city’s first Hasidic synagogue:

Built in 1905, the building was an important fixture to the growth and heritage of early Jewish immigrants in Philadelphia. B’nai Ruben Synagogue is one of the two major synagogues of the time that are still standing today.

The story also discusses the history of the immigrants in the neighborhood, which “basically laid the groundwork for the South Street we know today.”  Neat.

What’s not clear is the future of the building. Property Philly reported that its new owner is the Fetfatzes family, which also owns Hawthorne’s, Bella Vista Beer Distributor and the neighboring Bainbridge Street Barrel House. Rumor has it that the building will be converted to apartments, but no solid plans have emerged yet.