8 people injured, three houses destroyed in Daly Street explosion

A contractor was working in the basement of 428 Daly St. yesterday when an explosion occurred about 11 a.m., leveling the house and seriously damaging the rowhouses on either side.

Eight people were injured, one critically, says 6 ABC. Community relations Officer Mike Duffy of the 3rd District posted video on Twitter of the aftermath yesterday, where this screen grab came from.

daly street
Screen grab from the video, which for some reason won’t work here

The people who were hurt include two babies from the adjacent different houses, a 1-month-old and a 3-month-old. The TV station reported that PGW said it had been called to investigate a potential gas leak.


Philly.com reported that the house had been bought in March by a new development company that was renovating the house for resale.

The document also describes extensive work in the basement of the house that includes installing a new furnace and re-installing the existing hot water heater. Emergency officials said they believe a worker was working on a water heater when the blast occurred.