Carolina’s is kaput at 12th and Tasker. Now what?

After three years of blowouts and Keratin treatments, Carolina’s Hair Studio at the corner of 12th and Tasker is now apparently closed.

Carolinas 2

Carolina’s, owned by Carolina Colon, opened in 2010, according to city records, but a faithful reader sent us a tip (and you can send one too to that the salon was being emptied Monday. When we stopped by to check it out, nothing remained, except for a few bags of trash and some cleaning supplies.

“Available” signs posted by Capozzi Real Estate were in the windows, but the listing is not yet available online.

Carolinas 3

When we called Carolina’s phone number, an auto-message said the number had been disconnected but calls were being taken by a different number. We called and left a message and we’ll let you know if we hear anything back.

Looks pretty spacious in there, huh?
Looks pretty spacious in there, huh?

Meanwhile, that’s a great location – one block away from the fountain, two blocks from the subway, on the route 23 bus line. What do you think would be good for that spot? Maybe a bagel shop?

– Jennifer Lawson, @byjenlawson

One thought on “Carolina’s is kaput at 12th and Tasker. Now what?

  • August 5, 2013 at 11:56 am

    I remember when they were outfitting the space. A lot of work that I believe carolia did herself. Shame. It is in a great location though. Hopefully something of utility opens there. Its actually surprising how anemic that intersection is considering its the crossorads of two bus routes. I see a lot of people transferring there

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