‘Sprayground’ opens at Shot Tower Rec Center

Queen Village residents can now cool off from the summer heat at the push of a button.

Shot Tower Recreation Center was one of five locations this year where the city installed a sprayground (a playground with water sprays – get it? Spray-ground). Already a popular destination for children given the baseball field, playground, and basketball gym, the new sprayground has been a huge hit since it opened July 20 on Carpenter Street near Front.

photo (6)

The Daily News, which covered the city’s sprayground movement recently, said the new improvements to Shot Tower cost an estimated $149,000.  It is located in a small area next to the baseball field that is not immediately visible from Front Street and sits adjacent to a picnic area outside of the gym. 

photo (2)
Sprayground looking out towards baseball field.

Children control the water by pushing a button located at the corner of the sprayground. Seven fountains of varying heights spout from the ground and last about a minute, allowing time to run through the water (or sit directly on the fountain as we observed). While we were there it became clear that half the thrill for the kids was being the one who pushed the button.

The magic button

Shot Tower had a wading pool in the early 1900’s, and different variations have worked on and off since then, but this addition provides all the fun of getting wet, just without the need for a lifeguard.

photo (3)
Fountains in action.
photo (1)
Shot Tower rising above sprayground.

– Thomas Mahon, @nottommahon