Link Love: Pennsport is now school-less; suboxone has no place in LoMo & 25 homes are OK’d

  • A recent confluence of school closings from the Philadelphia school district and the Archdiocese has left Pennsport without an elementary school, reports Newsworks:

“We currently have no elementary educational options within the boundaries of our community. No Catholic, no private, no public, no charter,” said [Pennsport Civic Association President James] Moylan.

vare school
Kids from Vare (above, at Moyamensing and Morris) will now go to Washington at 5th and Federal, just outside Pennsport’s borders
  • A drug-treatment clinic that was briefly prescribing suboxone, a new desire-suppressant for heroin addicts, was run out of LoMo, City Paper reports.

  • Twenty-four single-family homes and one carriage house were approved for the site of the old 7-up warehouse at 8th and Montrose, just off the Italian Market, says Plan Philly.