A window into the future: SEPTA’s new payment technology

Behold the future of paying for SEPTA.

SEPTA plan philly

The picture above came from Plan Philly, which reported that SEPTA has been testing out its New Payment Technology (NPT) at its Center City headquarters.

NPT is the technology that will replace SEPTA’s outdated, token-based fare payment system with a new, “smart” system that will allow users to pay with “new media,” including SEPTA-issued cards and NFC-chip equipped devices like phones and bank cards.

Installation of the equipment is scheduled to start in the spring, when SEPTA will start phasing out the use of tokens. By next summer, tokens will be obsolete.

Plan Philly’s story gets pretty detailed, so if you’d like to learn all the ins and outs of this implementation, read the whole story here.