Survey says! Here’s what you said you wanted on Passyunk Avenue

You may remember a couple months back when we alerted you to a survey by several civic-minded organizations in South Philly about what you wanted to see for the future of Passyunk Avenue.

St. jude's

The idea was to figure out what types of places should fill vacant spaces such as the former Passyunk Pharmacy at 1804 E. Passyunk and former St. Jude’s at 1807 E. Passyunk. (Yup, we now have two huge empty spots on the same block, plus another around the corner at 1214 Moore, former home of Calm.)

Well, you responded in droves, and some of the answers were pretty damn funny, too.

On the helpful end, the top answer from the list of possibilities (clothing stores, delis, home goods, craft stores – you could pick as many as you wanted) was “food items,” with 47 percent of the 825 people who took the survey checking that box. Runners up were grocers (43.9 percent), home goods (43.4 percent), health/organic foods (41 percent) and kitchen goods (37 percent.)

Thirty percent also chose “other,” and an interesting mix of suggestions were given.

The most common write-in suggestions were bookstores, arts-focused businesses, places for kids, food co-ops, liquor stores and ethnic/vegetarian restaurants.

Some wrote more detailed requests. Here are a few:

“Please no more stores for yuppies and products that are so overpriced that it makes it worthwhile to just get a car and go to Columbus Blvd. And why isn’t there a decent deli place on the block that costs less than $5 for a breakfast sandwich and doesn’t look like a hole in the wall?”

“Stuff that isn’t geared towards 60-year-old Italian guys and their wives.”

“Less prom and tutu shops, more everyday clothing. More shops like Metro Men’s but for women/men.

“Bakery such as Metropolitan, but more low priced.”

“Whatever comes needs to understand that EPA is mostly dead during the day, which is good. It means people are working! So they need to have better hours in the evening and weekends.”

“Let’s tone down the fancy restaurants. How many $25 a plate snout-to-tail restaurants do we need? Or pretentious mini plates? I just want a nice chill place where I can go with my husband and our little girl, grab a beer or a glass of wine and a reasonable casual meal. Food like Fuel or Green Olives but with better ambiance, like Royal Tavern.”

“Before I hit ‘done’ I’d like to mention that the many bicyclists on the sidewalks of East Passyunk Avenue are unfriendly to shoppers and I sometimes choose to go elsewhere so I don’t have to jump out of a bicycle’s way.”

“Put a big, open deli/sandwich shop in the old drug store on the 1800 block of Passyunk. Keep some traditional old Passyunk charm, but modern, sleek menu options. Thinking rustic or industrial décor.”

Keep those ideas coming!