New skate park opens along Schuylkill under Grays Ferry Avenue bridge

In a seemingly unsuspecting and tranquil area at the beginning (or end, depending where you start) of Schuylkill Banks Trail, the cute little woodland creatures (and the P’yunk Post, of course) have begun to take notice of some noisier and more fast-paced activities.

The Grays Ferry Crescent, which is on the east side of the Schuylkill between 34th Street and Gray’s Ferry Avenue, is no longer only the home of a verdant bike trail.

IMG_6226     IMG_6028IMG_6196     IMG_6133

With this sweet new skate park now complete, you will find guys (and girls!) of all ages wearing and tearing and even “shredding” their skateboards with some crazy aerial tricks. This particular group of guys gathers every Monday under the bridge to show each other who’s boss.

IMG_5848       IMG_6166IMG_5897    IMG_5941    IMG_5947 copy

The Grays Ferry Crescent Skate Park is significantly smaller than Paine’s Park at the Art Museum, yet it brings more of a sense of intimacy and community. It also gives way to a surprisingly grand and picturesque view of the city. Not bad for a secret under-bridge hideout, eh?


– Martina Merlo