As another fire hits Fabric Row, a damaged shop pops up

It has been an unfortunate few months for Fabric Row. On Thursday, Anh’s Custom Tailors Cleaners on the corner of 4th and Catherine caught fire.


It was only three months ago and one block away that Jack’s Fabrics was destroyed in a fire that also killed a firefighter.

Last week’s fire wasn’t nearly as disastrous. The window display of the store has been preserved, but the rest of the building is destroyed and unstable. It seems that the upper floors received the most damage, including broken windows and a crumbling outer trim.

IMG_6303 IMG_6300 IMG_6297


So far, there is no news on the fate of Anh’s Custom Tailors Cleaners, but with much of the first floor still intact, it could make a quick comeback.

Meanwhile, Jack’s Fabrics (2.0) popped up across the street from the gaping hole where it used to be at 4th and Fitzwater.



The ruins

– Martina Merlo