SOSNA makes picking up trash that much easier

Let’s be honest for a second: Picking up trash isn’t fun.

But when you’re living in a city that just last year was ranked the sixth-dirtiest in America by Travel and Leisure magazine, litter becomes an undeniable part of your life. And keeping your block clean can be an exercise in frustration.

The South of South Street Neighborhood Association has a promising new program that helps its local folks round up rubbish more easily. SOSNA, thanks to a recent donation, is now renting out Garbo Grabbers to residents for free—they liken the system to checking out a library book.

Here's what they look like
Here’s what they look like

The gadget, touted as the “quicker little picker,” consists of a wand with two suction cups on its end that allow users to grab trash and debris and easily deposit it into the matching wide-mouth bag, preventing them from having to bend down or dirty their hands.

Take a look at one in action:

If you’te a SOSNA-nite looking to rent one, stop by the association’s office at 1901 Christian Street, call 215-732-8446 or shoot an email to Maybe the idea will catch on in other civic associations?

– Vinny Vella