UPDATED: Buttercream, Guerilla Ultima teaming up to do brunch

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. Pennsporter amended its post to say that the brunch deal is delayed “due to some logistical issues securing tables and chairs.” So this isn’t starting Sunday, but hopefully securing those key items won’t take too long.


Cupcakes + BBQ = Brunch. Maybe the math is a little off, but that’s our takeaway from a new brunch collaboration popping up starting Sunday, Sept. 15 in Pennsport.

Our friend Pennsporter reports that the Buttercream Cupcake shop at Moyamensing Avenue and Emily Street is teaming up with the Guerilla Ultima food truck to do a weekly brunch.

Buttercream’s a budding bruncherie, it turns out

Of course, Guerilla Ultima is much more than just BBQ, but their focus on sandwiches, pork and other decidedly non-brunch items should make for an interesting partnership.

Pic from Guerilla Ultima's Facebook page
Pic from Guerilla Ultima’s Facebook page

Pennsporter says the way it will work is that servers will take your order inside the cupcake shop or outside at sidewalk tables, and bring it to the truck, which will set up outside. Buttercream will be handling the baked goodness, the coffee (ReAnimator) and the mixers for your BYO vodka.

Sounds promising.