Gym proposed for Pennsport, appropriately next to ice cream shop

From our partner site Pennsporter, comes this promising development. A cross-fit gym proposed for 1323 S. 2nd St. has been approved by the Pennsport Civic Association and will go before the Zoning Board of Adjustments Sept. 25.

Pic comes from Pennsporter
Pic comes from Pennsporter

The gym also happens to be next door to Brown Chicken Brown Cow, the ice cream shop that opened this winter. People who work out reward themselves with ice cream; ice cream lovers are reminded they should probably work out. That’s called synergy.

Pennsporter says the building is about 3,000 square feet, going all the way back to adjacent Hancock Street:

It could certainly house a good sized gym in the Cross Fit mold, similar to that of Fearless Athletics near Hawthorne’s at 11th and Fitzwater Street.  As you know, this area of the neighborhood has taken off recently – the presence of Federal Donuts, Herron Playground, and new housing make this the epicenter of the new Pennsport development.