Boot and Saddle’s kitchen opens Friday – with advice from old Stateside chef

We’ve gotten word that the Boot and Saddle, which opened with music and booze just over a week ago, will start serving its full menu on Sept. 20.

Outside looks a lot nicer than before
Outside looks a lot nicer than before

Even more interesting is the news that George Sabatino, who was named Best of Philly chef 2012 when he was still with Stateside, has been consulting on the B&S menu for owner Avram Hornik.

That news comes from this little nugget tucked inside a story about the Fringe Festival’s FEASTival fundraiser that happened last week:

You might be wondering what chef George Sabatino is getting into after the summer destination closes for the season. For right now he’s staying in the Avram Hornik fold, helping develop what he calls an “anti-gastropub menu” for the newly reopened Boot & Saddle on South Broad.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get our hands on the “anti-gastropub menu,” whatever that means. We’ll post it as soon as we can.

UPDATE: Thanks to the crack sleuthing of one of our sharp readers, who had the wherewithal to check the B&S website, lo and behold … the menu! It wasn’t there yesterday, promise.

This is the preview posted online:

Bread + Butter + In Between

warm focaccia w/ salted pork butter + crispy pancetta

whipped goat cheese w/ sesame crackers + red chili honey

cauliflower croquettes w/ pickled apple + almond-date relish

house ground turkey burger w/ our brioche + smoked duck fat + pickled long hot peppers

Well Respected Vegetables

roasted pumpkin & kale soup w/ ash cured ricotta + croutons

smashed celery root w/ beef cheeks, parsley-garlic butter + pomegranate seeds

marinated butternut squash w/ apple-fennel salad + cashew brown butter

spicy sautéed greens w/ ginger + pickled cranberries

That’s very Stateside-y. The long-gone patrons of the B&S would be rolling in their graves if they knew the turn the food would take – the dead ones anyway.


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