CORRECTION: We messed up when we said the head of South Philly Homes had resigned

CORRECTION: We erroneously reported on Oct. 18 that Claudia Sherrod had resigned from her position as the head of the Point Breeze organization South Philly Homes. We based that report on a City Paper story that said Sherrod “announced her resignation.” That report was apparently incorrect. Sherrod’s attorney Miles Dumack says that Sherrod “has never resigned as Executive Director, and has no plans to resign anytime in the future.” We apologize for the mistake and urge all of our readers to contact us promptly if you ever see anything that needs to be corrected. Thanks.

The original post appears below:

The City Paper reports that Claudia Sherrod, director of the Point Breeze civic group South Philly HOMES, has resigned.

The weekly reported last week that Sherrod owns a piece of a large vacant lot on the 2400 block of Ellsworth that has been a dumping ground for years. CP now says that Sherrod has been tied to what it called an unethical real-estate transfer involving SPHINC’s headquarters at 1444 Point Breeze Ave.

The building in question
The building in question

The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority transferred the property to SPHINC in 2003 and the civic group’s board voted in 2008 to transfer it to Sherrod, the CP says. Sherrod said the transfer occurred after she and her husband sank $45,000 into the building and that the PRA asked that her name be put onto the deed.

But, says CP:

Paul Chrystie, spokesmen for the PRA, contradicted Sherrod’s statement.

“The City and PRA frequently convey property to community development corporations at nominal cost for redevelopment. Doing so is part of and consistent with the mission to promote redevelopment,” he said, “Neither the City nor PRA seek to have an executive director take ownership, and did not seek that in this specific instance.”

Uh oh. Moreover, records show that a mortgage on the building had been taken out in SPHINC’s name, not Sherrod’s despite the fact that the civic group has been paying rent to occupy the space.


SPHINC is one of several registered community organizations in Point Breeze, which has had a measure of influence over development in that area, including being involved in a recent dust-up with Ori Feibush. It’s also the oldest of the RCOs, having been founded in 1967.

Read the full City Paper story here, including an interesting detail about another real-estate transaction that benefited another SPHINC board member.

Meanwhile, this is the lot that Sherrod owned a piece of:

Pic from City Paper
Pic from City Paper

Not a pretty sight.