Intrepid cell phone shop opens next to smelliest store in South Philly

A cellphone store and gift shop has opened at 1166 S. 9th St. in the Italian Market, right next door to what is often the stinkiest, most putrid place south of South Street.

The brave new store
Which is oh so close to the market

The fowl-smelling storefront (get it?) is the Shun Da live poultry market at 1164 S. 9th., which sells live rabbits, chickens and other small creatures for consumption.

Frankly, we’re amazed that anything would move in to that storefront, which had been vacant for some time. Seems like Shun Da is drag on that section of the Italian Market. On the other side of Shun Da, another store has been vacant for at least a year.

Probably going to be vacant for a looooong time
Probably going to be vacant for a looooong time

On Yelp, Shun Da does have a couple of fans: “Doesn’t get fresher than this!” says one reviewer. That’s certainly true. “Stop by and get a chicken or just to say hi,” says another.

But the other two reviewers have working noses and would steer clear of a social visit: “If you walk down its block you’ll find yourself being bombarded by the smell of death and feces that resonates around it, combining to form the WORST smell in all of Philadelphia. Add in the sites and sounds of rabbits and all kinds of birds being cramped together in cages that can hardly hold them, and you have one serious evil.”

Has anyone out there dove into the culinary world of freshly slaughtered livestock from Shun Da? Even though it stinks to high heaven, it’s at least intriguing.


2 thoughts on “Intrepid cell phone shop opens next to smelliest store in South Philly

  • September 19, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    GF used to live on Ernest St (1 block from Shun Da). The stench is unbearable between RIM Cafe and the mexi-mart just north of Shun Da. What a terrible business decision to open your shop right there. No air freshener in the world could control that stench – especially when they’re hosing out the poultry shop onto the sidewalk or leaving their trash cans out front.

    • September 24, 2013 at 10:21 am

      I live in ^ Kyle’s GF’s old place. While it is a veritable shop of horrors with all the smells that come along with such a place of morbidity, I usually cross the street if I need to pass by. On several passings in the early AM, I’ve actually enjoyed the chorus of roosters greeting the morning (or crowing for help with their dying breaths?). But it’s definitely best to avoid at all costs, especially when the delivery truck shows up.

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