Porto, the lunch spot replacing Carman’s, looks to be nearly ready

Porto, the Portuguese-influenced breakfast and lunch spot coming to 11th and Wharton, looks like it’s only a few weeks out.

A faithful reader tipped us off that a sign had been put up, so we wandered over last week. Sure enough, there it is.


Peeking through the windows, we were able to see that the inside has been completely built out and painted, with a new counter and room for about a dozen seats or so.

The owner, Christine Liskowicz, told us back in March, that she plans to serve coffee, pastries, and a small menu for breakfast and lunch, much of it with a nod toward Portugeuse cuisine. The restaurant is named after the country’s second largest city, Porto (pronounced Port-oo).

As you can see from the picture above, Liskowicz decided to keep much of the exterior decorations that Carman’s had, except for the old Coca Cola sign. We haven’t been able to catch up with Liskowicz, who had been shooting to open in late spring, early summer. But judging by the look of the inside, it appears that she’s just waiting for final city inspections. That means a matter of weeks.

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