G’bye, Frank. Armory building’s facade is officially coming down

The demolition of the Broad Street Armory, which actually began more than a month ago on the rear of the building, is now apparent on the Broad Street side. And it’s not long before the upper half of the Frank Sinatra mural goes the way of Ol’ Blue Eyes himself.

Armory demolition (3)

As you may already know, the Armory at 1221 S. Broad St. is being torn down to make way for a 50-unit apartment building by developer Michael Carosella and designed by Vincent Mancini of Landmark Architects.

Mancini has said that the demolition could take months. They were making pretty quick work of it today, though.

Armory demolition


Armory demolition (2)


Here’s a rendering of the replacement, which is a bit outdated since Carosella and Mancini recently made adjustments based on community feedback, including the potential addition of a commercial space, which apparently is again not certain.

New Armory building

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