Bloomberg loves South Philly, citing it in 5 of 10 reasons to move to the city

Passyunk fountain at night2

East Passyunk Ave, Pennsport, Bella Vista, Passyunk Square and even PEP Bowl at Broad and Federal all got shout-outs from the national website Bloomberg last week in a story touting Philadelphia as a great place to move.

Those first three name drops were listed in the blurb for the first and second reasons Bloomberg listed, which were affordable urban living and “Families don’t have to move to the burbs”:

South Philly also has had a resurgence over the past seven years with up-and-coming chefs, new restaurants and bars popping up along East Passyunk Avenue, but home values have not skyrocketed as a result. The median South Philadelphia home value is currently $128,900, well below the national median of $162,100 as of August 2013.

Of course, those prices show a misunderstanding of the market, as is characteristic of these types of national listicles. The median home value listed also includes sales of crumbling rowhouses at, say, 23rd and Morris.

And unfortunately, reason No. 4 was cheesesteaks, but the silver lining is that Phillip’s near 22nd and West Passyunk got a rare mention, on top of the tourist traps at 9th and Passyunk.

But then No. 5 came back with a resounding endorsement for Passyunk Square, and N0. 8 cited the teeny PEP Bowl. Besides, it’s always nice to be liked. Read the whole thing here.