Budding ‘South Philly Community Radio’ launches crowdfunding campaign

The tower is going on top of Methodist Hospital.
The tower is going on top of Methodist Hospital.

A new community radio station covering South Philly has applied for an FCC license and launched a crowdfunding campaignyesterday to raise money for start-up expenses.

South Philly Community Radio, a project backed by the nonprofit Resources for Human Development’s New Beginnings incubator, is trying to raise $21,000 to pay for equipment. Find their Indiegogo fundraising site here.

Chris Randolph, managing director of the station, said it will mostly have a mix of community affairs programming. “Much of this will be in English along the lines of, say, a weekly hour for Lower Moyamensing Civic Association,” Randolph said.

The rest of the programming will be broadcast in the languages of South Philly’s various immigrant groups, such as Spanish, Khmer, Lao, Bahasa, Vietnamese and possibly others. And some will be targeted to immigrant groups that have no other source of information in their language, such as “the Nepali minority from Bhutan and the Karen and Chin, both ethnolinguistic minorities from Burma. For these people and some other groups we’ll be the only media they will have that they can fully understand,” he said.

Fear not, descendants of original South Philly immigrants. Randolph said he’s also working on partnering with a local Italian cultural group for broadcasts on heritage and language lessons.

An added bonus: “SPCR also hopes to provide a platform for Philadelphia’s public school students facing the severance of their schools’ arts programs by providing air access,” according to a news release.

The fundraising campaign was announced yesterday at Marconi Plaza near Broad and Oregon, which was named after Guglielmo Marconi. You know, the guy credited with inventing the radio. Appropriate, no?

If you’re interested in starting a program, you can contact Randolph at info@spcr.org. He said he’s open to ideas but that it would help if you also came with suggestions on how to underwrite your programming.

“I’m afraid someone just wanting to play their Pink Floyd CDs and tell fart jokes isn’t going to get a show, but a purposeful use of the station we’re open to,” he said.


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