First Pics: Crossfit 2 Street opens this weekend – with beer and doughnuts

Only in Pennsport can CrossFit be paired with beer and doughnuts and made into an event.

Tomorrow, CrossFit 2 St. hosts a grand opening party catered by Yards Brewery and Federal Donuts, and owners David Lee and George Caroulis opened their doors to us for a preview of the new gym – which is also next door to an ice cream shop. Synergy.

The logo
The logo

The event kicks off at 11 a.m. Saturday with a free workout at the garage turned gym at 1323 S. 2nd St. Throughout the day Lee and Caroulis, who are also the coaches, will run mini workouts and be available to answer questions from visitors.

Between the two of them they have almost 10 years experience with the CrossFit program.

CrossFit 2 St (6)

Kettle bells lining the wall
Kettle bells lining the wall

Both Lee and Caroulis are products of the system. Following a bad car accident, Lee did CrossFit to help him realize his life’s calling of being a trainer. Caroulis, who has run four marathons and played football in college,  admitted that four years ago when he came to a class conducted by Lee, that he saw CrossFit “as a passing fad.” He now says he is the best shape of his life.

CrossFit 2 St

CrossFit is taking off right now as it seems you can’t go on social media without seeing friends post status updates about it. The owners both spoke to the communal nature of the program as to why people seemingly cannot get enough of it. To that end, these guys have immersed themselves into the community they started their gym.

“We have pretty much made The Industry our go-to spot,” said Caroulis. Lee added, “We knew when we got the place that we wanted to partner with local places and really engulf ourselves in the community.”

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They assured us that anyone, no matter their fitness level or experience, can participate in the program. So come on out for free beer, donuts, and a workout and welcome CrossFit 2 St. to the neighborhood.

– Thomas Mahon, @nottommahon