PPA’s recent war on sidewalk scooters is already over

UPDATE: The PPA agreed after meeting with Councilman Mark Squilla and a rep for Kenyatta Johnson to relax its recent enforcement of a ban on parking scooters on sidewalks. Starting early next month, though, you’ll need a residential parking permit to do so. What this means for commuters to Center City is still unclear because PPA’s announcement said parking on commercial streets will still be banned. KYW reported there may be a deal to reduce scooter parking in PPA-owned lots to $5 a day. Stay tuned.

Ticketed scooter at 13th and Passyunk, courtesy of @piezmofo
Ticketed scooter at 13th and Passyunk, courtesy of @piezmofo

A hubbub erupted in the past couple weeks after the PPA started ticketing scooters and motorcycles parked on sidewalks – including ones parked on residential streets in front of people’s houses.

Suddenly, $76 tickets started popping up everywhere for doing something that was always ignored.

Enter Councilman Mark Squilla, who met Friday with the PPA. Squilla told us that he was planning to push for allowing owners to be able to legally park on the sidewalk in front of their own houses.

When we asked him where commuters would put their vehicles in Center City, he said he hadn’t quite ironed out that wrinkle yet. “But,” he said, “we want to increase scooter parking and parking on sidewalk when no scooter parking is made available.”

So, you non-scooter owning skeptic, you wonder why they need to be parked on the sidewalk? Scooterers will say that their little buzzards are often so light that they need to be locked down. And you can’t do that in a parking space. Besides, doesn’t it just suck when you’re circling for a parking spot and you see a scooter or motorcycle taking up a Lincoln Continental-sized space?

Squilla’s meeting doesn’t necessarily mean the ticketing will end soon, but we’ll keep you posted. This Facebook group will probably be pretty damn happy when – if – it’s over.