First Pics: Nostalgia vintage store comes to 704 S. 5th St.

Nostalgia, a new vintage shop we told you last month would be called Decades Vintage (they changed the name), has opened at 704 S. 5th St., the former home of sex shop Passional.


The owners, Arielle Salkowitz, Rafael Rosado and Danielle DiRosa, are offering vintage and vintage-inspired clothing, plus cameras, lighters, eyeglass frames and various knick-knacks.

“I got them into this vintage stuff,”  DiRosa said. “We always wanted a vintage store.”

Nostalgia employs a fair trade policy, with ethically made, quality items. Salkowitz said they don’t like buying or selling items that were made in China unless the items are part of Chinese culture. She also sells her ’50s inspired clothing line, Earl Salko, at the store.



Salkowitz, who designs dresses modeled after the 1950s circle-skirt pattern, believes that people can make their own iconic look out of a modern vintage outfit. She also makes jackets and jeans inspired by the 1940s motorcycle culture. The jeans and jackets are versatile because they can be mixed and matched with the other tops and dresses she designs.

“I wanted to make jeans that are flattering and don’t go over the top,” Salkowitz explained.

DiRosa makes infinity scarves to go with Salkowitz’s outfits.




Customers have bought the vintage eyeglass frames to have functioning lenses fitted for practical use, Rosado said. And though the other items may be old, some of them still work – like the cameras, though the film would be difficult to find. A display case in the counter shows many items with stories behind them, including a railroad bond, a WWI Red Cross first aid book and a funky kaleidoscope from the 1960s.

“The stuff has a way of finding us,” Rosado said.

“We’re picky,” Salkowitz explained. “We don’t buy stuff just because it’s antiqued.”

Nostalgia will also feature local artists throughout the year. Potential future events include an art gallery and a red-themed fashion show for heart disease awareness in February.

Here’s the link to their Etsy store and some glowing reviews on Yelp.

– Ruthann Alexander, @RuthannAlexande