Should bars be allowed to have legal gambling?

Is it worth the money? Pic via Wikipedia
Is it worth the money? Pic via Wikipedia

The state senate passed a bill on Monday that would allow bars to apply for a license to have gambling, like those Megatouch machines, but when you find all the differences in Erotic Photo Hunt, maybe you win some money.

More likely, it would be raffles or video poker that pays out.

The Inquirer reported that the state would expect to bring in $156 million a year if 2,000 bars obtain licenses, more than the revenue brought in from all the casinos’ table games combined. That’s a lot of money, and a lot of bars. So…

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Says the paper:

Bar owners, especially outside Philadelphia, fought hard for the bill, hoping it will enable them to better compete with veterans’ clubs.

“It’s not a big deal to Philadelphia, but in some of the counties outside of Philadelphia, there are more VFW posts than there are restaurants and bars,” said John Longacre, who owns South Philadelphia Tap Room, Brew, and the American Sardine Bar. “The VFW posts [practically] give away dollar beers, and they have this gambling – I don’t really even consider it gambling – small games that they are allowed to do,” said Longacre, president of the Philadelphia Tavern Owners Association.

It would be a long time coming, and there’s no guarantee it would pass the House or get Gov. Corbett’s signature. But what do you think?