First Pics: Armour men’s shop opens on Fabric Row at 704 S. 4th St.

Another new clothing store has come to Fabric Row.

Men’s shop Armour opened last week  at 704 S. 4th St., selling anything from men’s jackets with pockets inside pockets to cork tote bags, crocheted bow ties and much more.

This is Armour, the new independent men's clothing store that sells krocheted ties, jackets with pockets inside pockets and much more stuff.


A shot of the inside of the store.
A shot of the inside of the store.

Owner David Grimes said he chose Fabric Row for its rich history and after speaking to a few shop owners.

Grimes’ journey to shop ownership started when he quit his finance job in New York, where he commuted to daily from Philly.  He decided to get out of the “corporate rat race” and open a shop because there weren’t as many stores that cater to men here  as there were in Brooklyn.

Another look at the inside of Armour.
Another look at the inside of Armour.

Armour sells items made by independent designers such as Magents, Krochet Kids International, Mat & Nat, WRK (Work Rest Karma) and Circle of Gentlemen. Magents, for instance, is an Afro-vintage clothing line based in South Africa  inspired by the country’s culture.

It's a screen-print Zulu  t-shirt made by South African designer Magents.

Krochet Kids International is a clothing line and humanitarian group that teaches people in developing countries how to crochet clothing as a means to disrupt poverty. Grimes sells their crocheted neckties, bow ties and even crocheted iPad cases.

These are the krocheted neckties made by Krochet Kids International.


Bow ties also by Krochet Kids International.

“I would describe Armour as classic men’s wear with a twist,” Grimes said as he pointed out a men’s blazer made with a vertical pocket inside a horizontal pocket.

It's a vertical pocket in a horizontal pocket. Doesn't that blow your mind?
It’s a vertical pocket in a horizontal pocket. Doesn’t that blow your mind?

This shirt by Circle of Gentlemen, a clothing line out of the Netherlands, makes puts black and white plaid over a bold print liner. Roll the sleeves up for a pop of colors.

Roll up the sleeves of this regular-looking plaid shirt and see the colors pop from beneath.

Armour also features local artists. The store is currently featuring Brian Bazemore, who is currently working on a series of humorous sayings.

Grimes says that Bazemore is currently working on a series of humorous sayings.

Even though Armour has been open for a few days, Grimes said the most popular items so far at the Krochet Kids ties, Magents shirts, Goorm Bros. Hats, and the black Mat & Nat duffle bags that sold out.

Fixtures in the store such as lights and clothing racks are made from repurposed items like pipes, old lampshades and stove parts, thanks to Search and Rescue and Butchershop Rehab.

Here’s Armour’s website and Facebook page. Go get a bow tie and say hi.

– Ruthann Alexander, @RuthannAlexande