First Pics: Asian Art Store opens at 1712 E. Passyunk Ave.

There’s no sign above the new store at 1712 E. Passyunk Ave, which most recently was a sports memorabilia shop. But peek in the window, and it’s easy to see it’s far from signed Eagles knickknacks. It’s called Asian Art Store, we think.

1712 E. Passyunk1

Filled with vases, fake flowers and wall art, the shop is the place if you’re looking to drop a grand to decorate your living room with an Asian flair – or maybe accent a fancy doctor’s office.

Or, it’s just a different kind of place to stop in and explore. Among the fine and spendy china, are mini horse statues, aprons featuring puppies and glittery hair clips. And glass renderings of bok choy:

1712 E. Passyunk3

The owner, through a bit of a language barrier, explained that the bok choy is good luck. Most of the pieces in the shop come from China, where she moved from six years ago.

1712 E. Passyunk4


That price tag says $150
That price tag says $150

1712 E. Passyunk7


1712 E. Passyunk2


1712 E. Passyunk6


1712 E. Passyunk5
What an oddly specific apron.

She started selling art about four years ago at a place on Washington Avenue but moved the shop t0 Passyunk a couple weeks ago.

“I love it,” she says of the new location, and of the art. At the old location, people sped past in cars, but here passersby spot it from the sidewalk and stop in. She points out some of her favorite pieces – framed embroidery and ceramic wall art, each several feet wide (and several hundred dollars).

– Shannon Palus, @shanpalus


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