Owner of Terryin Sushi on Snyder stabs would-be robber with a sushi knife

The owner of Terryin, the takeout sushi place on 4th and Snyder, whipped out his knife after an armed serial robber tried to shake him down for a third time yesterday afternoon.

358 Snyder Ave.
Watch out for the feisty sushi chef at 358 Snyder Ave.

The robbery attempt happened at 2:48 p.m. Says Philly.com:

That’s when the owner jumped into action, wielding a razor-sharp sushi knife. During the ensuing struggle, Jones, who Nodiff said is wanted in connection with two other robberies at the restaurant in the past two weeks, was stabbed in the back twice.

The same guy is also suspected in robberies at at the Lyn Grocery Store at 4th and Mercy streets, and another at South View Pizza at Durfor and 4th streets.

That guy was just asking to get caught. Or stabbed.

Speaking of awful crimes too close to home, these dirtbags were caught on video stealing Christmas decorations off a house on the 1100 block of Fitzgerald Street, between Wolf and Ritner in Lower Moyamensing.

C’mon people! That’s not very merry.