Builders love tearing things down in Pennsport, huh?

A small chapel on Tasker Street just east of Moyamensing Avenue – with roots back to 1866 – is being torn down to make way for what apparently will be two huge houses.

Hidden City has the story about the Greenwich Street Church, which was built as a Presbyterian house of worship and converted to a Buddhist temple in 1987.

Pic by Christopher Mote of Hidden City
Pic by Christopher Mote of Hidden City

Says Hidden City:

Although the development has yet to be finalized, the church lot is over 11,000 square feet in size, which suggests homes that will have a larger-than-average footprint and/or make abundant use of the property’s open space.

The whole story is worth a read since it gives an interesting history of the congregation that built it and notes that the current owner is a member of the family that owns Pat’s King of Steaks. A commenter on the story even accuses the monks of stealing a church bell.

The demolition of this building is nothing compared to the loss of St. John’s Episcopal a couple blocks away at 3rd and Reed, where the current builder got in trouble for making his Constitution Court too tall. And granted, it’s not in the best condition.

But it seems a waste to tear this down and build only two houses. It could have been converted to apartments, no? Maybe even with parking or a little garden in that little courtyard to the left of the church?

At least Engine 46 is still standing – for now. 

One thought on “Builders love tearing things down in Pennsport, huh?

  • January 8, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Who in their right mind would want an apartment building in their neighborhood? Wouldn’t 2 large new houses help raise the property value for everyone else on the street and neighborhood?

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