Newbold, East Passyunk Crossing among Top 5 “hottest” neighborhoods in region

The national website Redfin has named East Passyunk Crossing and Newbold as No. 3 and 4 hottest neighborhoods around the Philadelphia region. Wayne (1), Elkins Park (2) and Haverford (5) round out the top five.

The number of pageviews for listings jumped a whopping 513 percent in EPX and 435 percent in Newbold year-to-year.


So, you ask, how the hell are Elkins Park and South Philly on the same list of “hot neighborhoods?”

The website based this click-bait list on the number of homes viewed and favorited on their website, as well as price changes and interviews with local real-estate agents. That sounds much more scientific than the process probably was, but who cares? It’s still cool.

Incidentally, they defined Newbold – the most contested of all the neighborhood names and boundaries – as from Washington Avenue to Jackson, Broad to 18th Street. That includes the eastern section of what we call Point Breeze but adheres to the boundaries of the Newbold Neighbors Association (not to be confused with the Newbold Civic Association, Tasker to Wolf).

For EPX, they used that civic’s boundaries, which is interesting because that means the north half of East Passyunk (aka Passyunk Square) was excluded from this list.

So much hair-splitting, so little time.

One thought on “Newbold, East Passyunk Crossing among Top 5 “hottest” neighborhoods in region

  • January 24, 2014 at 9:43 am

    Agreed on Elkins Park, I was under the impression that the place was kinda going downhill, save for the recent co-op opening there. It seems to be the odd man out here.

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