Indonesian organic hair salon opens on Snyder

Natural & Organix, an Indonesian hair salon specializing in organic hair treatments,  soft opened at 1205 Snyder Ave last week.


Everything is organic, and they focus on hair cuts, deep hair conditioning and skin treatments instead of highlights, said manager Fourina Rockhill.

Rockhill said the body scrubs come from Indonesia, and the hair products come from local providers. She describes their shampoos and conditioners as friendlier for the hair than hair dyes and other damaging products in many other salons.

The point is for women to leave with healthy hair, as opposed to “pretty” hair treated with chemicals, Rockhill explained.

Rockhill said her prices are also reasonable. “Money is not my priority,” she said. “I provide the best service I can.”

As to why she chose this location, “I don’t see a lot of Indonesian salons here, and it’s  pretty busy,” she said.

It’s the first of a few new businesses setting up shop along Snyder. Any day now, you’ll see the opening of Ameri Thai up the block and the beer distributor across the street.

– Ruthann Alexander, @RuthannAlexande

2 thoughts on “Indonesian organic hair salon opens on Snyder

  • May 21, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Now this place looks like they have a care for their image. I live around here and I can see it looks improved already and they have a nice professional and clean look when you pass by… Good luck!

  • May 21, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Now.. Lets talk about what is going to happen with the vast open space above the ill planned beer fortress in the Superior Plumbing building… Three more stories… Nobody is talking about making some nice high end luxury apartments there… Why? The 4th floor should have some of THEE BEST views in the city… Hurry up! Raise your hand if you wanna live above a beer distributor! Also.. Raise your hand if you’ll give money to the drunks begging for money out in front of it…

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