City to unveil design of Pier 68 park on Thursday

City bigwigs are scheduled to gather on Thursday morning at Pier 68 to unveil the final design for the planned park (and designated fishing area) behind near the Walmart on Columbus Boulevard.

pier 68 flier


Officials will discuss the planned improvements as well as the construction timeline, presumably not to be finished by August as was originally planned when we told you about the park back in October.

Here’s what the city has on tap, according to a news release from the Delarare River Waterfront Corporation:

  • Public access to the end of the pier and panoramic views of the river with many opportunities for passive relaxation and enjoyment
  • Innovative landscaping which mixes different waterfront ecologies (including riparian forest and aquatic vegetation) for beauty and education.
  • Specific space for fishing, which was identified as a need by the master plan and Pennsport residents
  • Innovative design by team led by Studio Bryan Hanes

The event will happen at 11 a.m. Thursday, June 26. Find the pier by driving into the main entrance of the Pier 70 shopping center and heading all the way to the end. Pier 68 is just off to the left.