Newbold Neighbors hosting a sangria tour of homes

They’ve done a wine tour. They’ve done a beer tour. Next stop, sangria.

Looks tasty, no? Pic from Her Campus
Looks tasty, no? Pic from Her Campus

On Aug. 9 the Newbold Neighbors Association is hosting a sangria tour of homes, which an organizer pitched to us would be like a live version of our weekly SoPhilly Spotlight real estate posts.

The tour includes five houses in or near the southwest portion of Newbold (the NNA’s southwestern boundary is 18th and West Passyunk). Each house will offer two different sangrias, one red and one white, and you’ll get to keep the glass from your first house. Each host will also have hors d’oeuvres, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Tickets, on sale here, are $30 and include the booze, food, glass and map. Proceeds from the ticket price will go toward the NNA’s cleaning and greening/beautification efforts.

The helpful news release also outlined several reasons why you may want to attend:

  • You’re new to the neighborhood and want to meet your neighbors in a fun way
  • You’re thinking about moving to the neighborhood
  • You live in Newbold but never spend any time in the southwest portion of the neighborhood
  • You hear about Newbold all the time and want to see how awesome it and its people are
  • Your hosts are awesome people
  • You are nosey and want to check out peoples’ houses
  • You love Sangria!

They covered all the bases, huh?