There’s a Pirate Cat Portrait Competition at Breezy’s Cafe

Serious question: Have you ever thought to draw a pirate cat?

BREEZYS art comp SM-page-001


Breezy’s Café, located at 1200 Point Breeze Ave., is asking you to do just that for a Pirate Cat Portrait Competition for an upcoming art exhibit at the café in honor of their own cat and mascot for the establishment.

A few years ago, owner Kristin Wolak found a severely injured cat on the street. The cat’s condition didn’t seem promising, but after raising thousands of dollars for his surgery, the cutie now is now a healthy, happy, well adjusted pirate cat named Sergeant, according to his owners Wolak and Scott Harnish. When opening Breezy’s Café in March of 2013, it was just natural for them to include their one-eyed cat as the mascot for the establishment.

Isn’t he such a cute pirate cat?

Because they want to honor their cute cat, and also start displaying more art at the café, they’re having an art show on Nov. 15 from 8 p.m. through 10 p.m. including all of the pirate cat portrait submissions.

The winning pirate cat portrait will win a $50 gift certificate and have their artwork displayed permanently in the café. Second and third place will receive t-shirts.

Portraits for the contest are due by Nov. 8 and must be display ready upon submission. That means they must be framed and no larger thant 16×20. More information about portrait submissions and the art exhibit can be found here.

–tfarnsworth, @tfarnsworth3